Estimated Tax Payment Reminder!

It’s nearly time to pay the 2nd Quarter Estimated Income taxes. Payments for Federal estimated income taxes should be postmarked by June 15, 2022. Payments for MD estimated income taxes are due July 15, 2022. Payments for other states may vary. Please contact the office if you are unsure.

The cover letter in the 2021 tax return materials shows the specific recommendations for amount(s) to be paid. You can mail the payments with vouchers; however, it is better to pay the taxes directly on the agency’s website (

When making an estimated tax payment please annotate on the check:

  • 2022 2 nd Quarter Estimated Tax
  • Form 1040-ES (or the applicable state form)
  • SSN(s)

If further assistance is needed, please contact the office.

  • Ian Valdivia –  Tax Computations
  • Marion Thompson – Tax Computations
  • Michelle R. Palmer – Administrative Items

If your personal financial situation has changed and you think the estimated tax recommendations should be changed, or you have any questions, please email or call us at your convenience. Managing your financial affairs is much easier when they are organized. Please ask us about the Life-Kit Book. Many are finding it invaluable for managing finances now and communicating their wishes to their family and personal representative(s). Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

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